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Mountain Stone® Classic Series and Builder Series manufactured stone begins with individual natural stones for use as "masters". From those masters, our craftsmen then create molds to capture the essence of each stone, nooks and crannies of a natural face, fine sedimentary lines, dimples, and the defined chisel mark made by a master stonemason.

Pick up a piece of Mountain Stone® Classic Series. Look at all of the natural textures and colors. When your hands and your eyes can't tell the difference between natural and manufactured, you're dealing with a product of the highest quality because it was made to look as nature intended.

Mountain Stone is prized in the market as a result of the daily efforts of its highly skilled, experienced production team. It's this talented team that assures that Mountain Stone maintains such high standards. These very same standards carry over to our customer service.

Why Mountain Stone?

For many decades Mountain Stone manufactured stone has been a trusted, dependable and affordable first choice of builders, developers, architects, and home owners. It is sometimes referred to by some as faux stone, artificial stone, thin veneer, man-made stone, adhered veneer, anchored veneer, decorative stone and concrete stone. We call it Mountain Stone. Once you experience its beauty and long-term durability benefits, you will be glad you make it your first choice.

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